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Building a Global Middle Class in a Just Society

As a union, we must think globally as well. Our continued ability to win contracts that improve the compensation and working conditions of our members can be strengthened by negotiating international standards of conduct that limit the ability of employers to pit workers in one country against workers in another. In the 20th century, by raising "büyüme hormonu eczane fiyatı" the standard of living of industrial workers, our union helped create the American middle class. In the 21st century, by working together with unions in other countries to raise the standard of living of workers in a globalized economy, we seek to create a global middle class.

The increasing internationalization of corporations has been accompanied by massive restructuring through mergers, takeovers and joint ventures. Much of this restructuring has come at the expense of workers and communities, with a shift from secure to insecure forms of employment, fragmentation of collective bargaining and abuse of human and workers rights. There is an urgent need to create strong international labor networks to foster more effective international solidarity among workers in multinational corporations and their supply chains.

To raise the standard for employers international conduct, we will use tools developed by international organizations and global unions. The Action Program 2009 2013 of the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) emphasizes the importance of building trade union networks in multinational companies, including the major global automakers. The purpose of this effort is to build effective solidarity and cooperation among affiliated unions that represent workers at specific companies. Through these networks, we can share information and work together to ensure an equal playing field for workers that "büyüme hormonu eczane fiyatı" raises standards internationally.

International unions have long cooperated and developed strategies to strengthen the solidarity among workers across sectors and companies. Nevertheless, better tools, a better exchange of information, and greater mutual trust and knowledge between workers are needed. Union networks are one of these tools. The UAW is actively engaged in the IMF networks covering global workers at Ford, Fiat Chrysler, GM Opel, Caterpillar, Hyundai Kia and others. The leadership role the UAW is playing in these solidarity efforts has helped garner international support for our transnational organizing initiatives. operations are headquartered. Where labor management structures exist abroad, including European Works Councils at Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW and other companies, we will utilize our contacts with workers there to put pressure on employers to respect the rights of American workers to organize and reach fair collective bargaining agreements. We will build on these existing structures by Testosterone Phenylpropionate Msds pressing our major employers to create global works councils to provide a forum for labor management dialogue that crosses borders, just as our employers operations do.

Assist independent unions in low wage countries to Generika Levitra develop and grow so that workers can stand up to employers that are undermining international standards for the treatment of workers. Our recent support to Johnson Controls workers in Puebla, Mexico in their struggle to form an independent union is an example of this type of solidarity assistance. In many countries, these struggling unions face government repression as well as employer resistance. Forcing employers to meet a high standard for their international conduct makes it possible for workers in repressive countries, such as China, to fight for their fundamental rights.

Coordinate with the IMF and other international union organizations to establish the strongest possible world company councils and industry councils that can identify and press for high standards of international company conduct. We will bargain for International Framework Agreements (IFAs) or similar agreements, with strong language on the right to organize independent unions and on the enforcement of a company commitment to respect the rights of workers at all of its global operations. These agreements must include the right of workers to bargain with their employer; prohibitions on forced labor, child labor and workplace discrimination; and commitments to provide fair pay, decent benefits and safe and healthy workplaces.

Continue to demand that the rules of international trade Trenbolone Enanthate For Sale Uk include strong labor and environmental standards as well as requirements for social justice and economic equity. We must work with unions abroad so that they will put similar pressure on their governments to agree to the inclusion of these standards in trade agreements. To be effective, labor standards, including workplace health and safety, must use the relevant standards adopted by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as the floor for compliance. Despite decades of advances in the fight against discrimination in the workplace and in the community, much more remains to be done to guarantee civil and human rights for all Americans. We still see attacks on policies meant to ensure equal treatment for people of color, women and the disabled. The fact that women still earn less than men, and that African Americans and Latinos still earn significantly less than whites, shows that the fight against discrimination has not yet been won. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals also face workplace discrimination and, too often, hateful attacks. Efforts by the right wing to stir up resentment toward immigrants are encouraging discrimination and contributing to a hostile work environment. These divide and conquer tactics threaten to depress pay and benefits for all workers.

Despite the efforts of some to turn back the clock, the UAW remains committed to the cause of helping our country fulfill its promise of equal justice, equal opportunity and mutual respect. Our future depends on finding new and more effective ways for our diverse people to live and work together in harmony.

Insisting that employers provide UAW members with education and training regarding their rights and responsibilities Anavar Oxandrolone Tablets to eliminate discrimination and advance equal justice under the law.

Rejecting employer attempts to erode our members legal rights with contractual language waiving individual statutory claims of discrimination, making arbitration the exclusive remedy for violations of the law, or adopting policies that are inconsistent with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Demanding that employers evaluate jobs with the goal of eliminating unfair wage disparities that hold down pay for women. This includes situations in which jobs are not identical, but are comparable in their skill requirements, responsibility and physical demands. We will continue to seek effective remedies for victims of pay discrimination based on sex.

Striving to incorporate equal application of agreement provisions in all contracts to further strengthen our objective of equal opportunity through affirmative action. Such provisions must not only ban discrimination; they must further provide Buy Cialis Switzerland for a thorough investigation and fair resolution of grievances and claims alleging discriminatory practices.

Using every resource at our disposal to combat discrimination and preserve and protect the rights of our members and all people to equal treatment and equal opportunity.

Our history and our diverse membership demand that we continue to reject the ideas and tactics of those who seek to gain advantage by exploiting the tool of discrimination to divide the people of this country.

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature. Whatever form it takes verbal innuendo, repeated requests for dates, obscene gestures, unwanted touching sexual harassment runs contrary to the basic union objectives of decent working conditions free of discrimination and inequality.

We must continue to demand that employers institute and enforce programs to eliminate this discriminatory behavior. Such programs should include:

Strong "jintropin bestellen china" and fair policies against sexual harassment that clearly lay out the prohibited conduct and the consequences of violations. Employers must apply these policies evenly to all employees.

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